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One of The Most Powerful Techniques About Change I’ve Ever Seen

Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs, I can say that the techniques Jason's built with The Progress Formula and Motivational Staircase are without a doubt two of the clearest and most powerful formulations of how to affect change I’ve ever seen. It has helped reshape how I mentor entrepreneurs and I'm grateful to have discovered it.

Spike M. , Startup Coach

My Life Completely Changed

The trajectory of my life has changed since I started working with Jason. I am confident now that I can change and know how to do it..

Among the behaviors I've changed:

  • I no longer playing computer games though I played them somewhat compulsively for the last 12 years.
  • I am journaling on a daily basis
  • I no longer drink unhealthy drinks
  • I exercise regularly
  • I read daily
Alex C. , Engineer

So Much Less Guilt!

In the past when trying to form new habits with reminders or lists, I always felt guilty when I didn't do it and then I just gave up on it because I didn't like that feeling. Now, even though I sometimes forgot in that moment, I remember later and the method Jason uses is so effortless thing I can just complete it and pow - I've reinforced the habit and keeping up the momentum becomes easier next time!

Kristen D. , Product Manager

The Progress Formula helps you build momentum on virtually any goal:

  • Personalized Recommendations
    The more you use TPF to make progress in important areas of your life, the smarter and more tailored  its coaching recommendations become.
  • Maximize Return-on-Effort (ROE)
    By following in the successful footsteps of others who are experimenting and struggling with the same challenges as you. No more throwing darts in the Self-Help section of Barnes & Noble to choose what to try next.
  • Guaranteed Results
    Use TPF along with one of our coaching programs and if you don't start seeing  evidence of immediate progress, get 110% of your money back!
  • Evidence-Based Approach
    Intuition is great when applied in areas where we have a long history of prior successes upon which to draw from. But if that were the case with your goals, you wouldn't be reading this :)